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Product Image Wanhao GR1 Resin 3D Printer SALE

Wanhao GR1 Resin 3D Printer SALE

£399.99 £549.99





This new Wanhao GR1 resin printer has been designed for users who want the next level up resin printer at an affordable price. Better than ever before: boasting a super high resolution 2K LCD for a crisp layer display; ultra bright 150W UV LED boards for the ultimate in clear projection; and a super fine 10um z-axis layer resolution. With a 23% larger (than D7) build platform, all this adds up to super high quality prints you would expect from a printer with three times the price tag.

Wanhao have not only packed this machine with high spec components though as the whole machine has been designed carefully for ease of use over its' life time. The LED boards are now easily replaceable to refresh the UV projection power, the windows in the hood allow you to see the print without removing it, the VAT tank has filling measurements built in, along with a clear section of window to see the build through. On the electrical side of things, along with its' USB ports, Touchscreen and clear user display, the internals have been kept simple with one mainboard and fewer data cables resulting in a more stable and reliable machine.

Tech data:

UV LED  - 24LED 150 Watt

LCD Screen - 2k HD 2560 x 1440 - 6.33"

Build Envelope - 140mm x 78mm x 200mm

Carbon internal air filter


In the box:

Spare FEP film

UK Plug

Tools and print scraper

USB Flash drive

250ml Resin (random colour)

Instruction sheet