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Product Image D5 Heat Bed Upgrade

D5 Heat Bed Upgrade


Want to print ABS or other speciality filaments on your D5 but can't due not having no heated build platform? Well now you can - this upgrade can be fitted to your Duplicator 5 printers glass build plate. This heat bed upgrade means that now as well as PLA filaments you can now print ABS, PVA and many more filament types. The heat plate comes with its own electronic temperature controller, simply set the target temperature (between 0-149 degrees C) and the temperature controller will maintain this heat while you print. Comes supplied with mains electricity plug for easy plug and play operation. 

Fitting involves a little bit of fettling and adjusting and is designed so that the heatpad can be stuck to the underside of the glass plate as seen here:



This kit includes:

1 x Heat pad

1 x Heat pad temperature controller

1 x Glass build plate

1 x Set of super strong magnets