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Product Image D4 LED Rainbow Kit - Customise your printer!

D4 LED Rainbow Kit - Customise your printer!


This is our custom colour LED kit which produces a stunning bright spectrum of colours and also fading/flashes sequences. This kit lights up the inside of your printer like never before! You can select colours, speeds, patterns of the LED's meaning there are thousands of options you can choose from. From flashing your favourite colour through to fading in and out of all the colours of the rainbow - some truly awesome effects. All this is controlled from the micro led controller, included, which you can mount inside the machine, then run the LED light strip around the top of the frame work replacing the original smaller LED strip. You can take a power feed from the existing LED strip meaning a painless install. A full instruction guide on how to fit is also provided upon purchase. Although fairly simple to install, some electronics know-how is advised.



Please note : customising your printer is entirely at you own risk and will void your warranty (unless warranty fault is proven to be unrelated)