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Product Image Wanhao Duplicator 4X - Gloss Black **FLASH SALE PRICE**

Wanhao Duplicator 4X - Gloss Black **FLASH SALE PRICE**


The Duplicator 4 is Wanhao's best ever selling 3D printer and it is easy to see why. The technology is class leading, the components are great quality and the end print result is fantastic. We are proud to be Wanhao official UK dealers.
The Duplicator 4X is the flagship model from Wanhao. This printer has all the sort-after features from a 3D printer:
  • Dual extruders - Having two extruders means you can print two colours or materials in one print session
  • Mk9 extruder feeders - Feeding filament into the extruders is a vital part to printing, and these have the super reliable Mk9 feeder mechanisms fitted, meaning no more feeding issues
  • Heated print bed - A heated print bed is a must for printing many types of filaments and for ultimate results
  • Large print area - A large print area of 225m x 145mm x 150mm allows you to print BIG things
  • Fully scrolling display and buttons - This guides you through the quick and easy menus for your Duplicator printer
  • Full perspex enclosure - Keeping the heat in the build area is key, so having a full enclosure with side windows and hinged door allows you to keep your printing environment at it's optimum temperature
  • Large Filament type compatability - The Duplicator can print 1.75mm ABS, PLA, HIPS, Ecoflex, Ninjaflex, PVA and many many more filaments
  • Print layer capability - Print down to a super fine detailed 0.1mm layer!
  • Full print kit included - Everything needed to print is included with your Duplicator printer


The Dual extruders fitted to the Duplicator printers are the latest design, and are produced using only top quality components. They allow 2 colours or materials to be printed in one session. Inside, the filament feeding mechanism is easy and the most reliable on the market being the MK9 system. This allows easy and quick one finger loading and unloading. Beyond this is the precision forged drive gear, which feeds at a consistent speed the filament to the hot end. Here we have 0.4mm precision nozzles fitted to ensure even and precise extrusion of filament.



It is easy to see why so many happy customers have purchased this model, from Pro designers to the home hobbyist, it really is perfect for everyone. The Duplicator 4X prints to the highest of quality, yet is still so easy to work with. Couple this with our Wanhao specialist UK support and you have a fantastic package all round. 

Printer Overview

Whether it is the sleek piano black case, the tech see-through case or the original wood design case, you will not be disappointed with the finish. All the printers look great straight from the box. On turning your printer on, the cooling fans fire up and the LED-lit work space comes to life giving you a bright clear working environment. The LCD display welcomes you and guides you through the various options using the five button keypad. From the menu you can load/unload filaments, preheat tools, calibrate tools, see all temps and stats, create your prints, and much more. With your design on the SD card, simply pop this into the slot on the case and select your print from the menu then sit back as the printer gets to work. The axis' all run 1/16 micro stepping motors, making movements fine, precise and smooth. The extruders each have a cooling fan to keep temperatures optimum, which you can also monitor on the display. The extruders seamlessly keep extruding the liquid filament, reliably and consistantly, thanks to the MK9 extruder feed system. This is the latest and best system available, which feeds faultlessly and also makes loading and unloading filaments a breeze. When your print has completed, your printer will let you know with a chime and will present you with your final piece.
The Duplicator 4X comes out of the box with everything need to get printing. You will receive:
  • Your assembled Duplicator printer
  • Full perspex enclosure kit (requires simple assembly)
  • All power/data cables (including USB PC hook-up)
  • Spares - including print bed tape, filament spool holders, guide tubes, SD card, etc
  • Full colour printed instructions
  • 2 x 1kg filaments (assorted)
  • Software - ReplicatorG supplied and drivers
  • WanhaoUK Tech support

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As well as printers we keep a vast stock of printer parts and spares so you can rest assured that if anything needs replacing we can get the parts fast.