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Product Image D4 MK9 Upgrade Extruder Feeder

D4 MK9 Upgrade Extruder Feeder


1 x Genuine Wanhao replacement or upgrade set of MK9 extruder feeders for all Duplicator 3D printers. Supplied in pairs for dual extruders, these parts either upgrade or replace your current extruder feed system. The MK9 setup is the most reliable system available and now allows for easy one finger filament loading/unloading. 


Please note you will be required to use your existing bearings from your previous setup to fit the MK9 upgrade. A slight modification to the top extruder cover may be needed, which involves cutting out a small section (as pictured below) if your extruders top cover does not already have this cut-out. We do list new bearings if required in the parts section also.


*We now stock pre-cut top covers in our online shop if you do not wish to modify your existing part.